Part 2


Plot Primary Research

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Thresholds Primary Research

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Sensing Spaces.jpeg  Bureau Betak's Knockout Mirrored Installation _ Yellowtrace_.jpeg

    Moon Hoon's concrete housing block in South Korea has owl-like features.jpeg     Gallery of N4+ Gluebam House _ Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL]  - 11.jpeg

IMG_6980.jpg.1     Interior Design Addict _ Interior Design Addict_ Coussée & Goris Architecten, GAFPA, Johnny Umans · Zwin.jpeg      

Raumteiler-Design, Haus um einen Innenhof_ Geladene Voids - UPCYCLING IDEEN.jpeg

Hyde Park:

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Dense City Primary Research


Covent Garden, Harrods, Duke of York Square, King's Cross Station, Spitalfields.

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Movement Primary Research


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Plot Secondary Research

dezeen_-Master-Designer’s-Garden-Plot-6-by-Martha-Schwartz-Partners-6.jpg  dezeen_-Master-Designer’s-Garden-Plot-6-by-Martha-Schwartz-Partners-4.jpg  

 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo China (2011)

Martha Schwartz:

For this garden, it is a public space to let people do not have their own space, but this garden connected with city and natural. When I saw this garden it looks like not a garden. More look like a lot of aisle and mirrors, I feel like a maze. However, I feel like a city has an endless passage. Also the passway it is stagger felt like the passage unlimited and because this let me felt this garden like an infinite forest. The wall and mirrors combine very well. I am thinking of how to create a public space for people to sit down and enjoy the garden. 

Frearson, A. (2014) Master Designer's Garden Plot 6 by Martha Schwartz Partners, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).


falling-garden-4-garden-design_9681.jpg  fallling-garden-1-garden-design_9678.jpg 

Falling Garden (2003) 

Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger :

Falling garden, the flow hang on the ceiling, and when people lie on the floor. It is like people covered by the flower, and the garden is like a cemetery. It is very easy to let people connect with flower, and space it is too pretty than people think garden can be their dream. For the garden, it is a public space to let people sit down have a chat with their and enjoy the sunshine together. But this falling garden it is like an ancient and abandoned flower cemetery. It made me think about if the flower hangs on the ceiling and create a circle space to let people sit inside and cover by the plant it is will let people easy to connect with nature? 

Garden Design Magazine (2019) Art and Botany: Falling Garden - Garden Design, Garden Design Magazine. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

IMG_MDA122471_340px.jpg IMG_MDA122470_1600px.jpg.1 

The curious vortex (2019)

Olafur Eliasson

An open pavilion with vortex without any chair for people to relax or sit down, but it is different pavilion because it is a thing to show visitors they came to a new space symbol.  I am thinking in a public garden it is must have a place to let people sit down and relax, and the pavilion it is a good chose. When I saw a structure of spiralling pavilion, I think maybe I can put the tree or plant inside and outside can use flower or vine shape to be like a chair. Flower and vine shape look like can cover people and let people sit inside. Look like almost cover people, but people still can see it.  

The curious vortex • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson (no date) Studio Olafur Eliasson. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

Thresholds Secondary Research

  ae9a403f.jpg   b2d15c12.jpg

Threshold Pavilion

For Thresholds, I wanted to do a passway, but it is playful can let people play with their friends. However, when I saw this building, I think the straight passway was bored, I think maybe I can change to build irregular passways. This building it looks like a when people do not go inside people can see the sunlight but when people went into the building people can feel the black and dark and like walking into a cave or black hole. But I think passway it is suited for thresholds meaning.

Threshold Pavilion (no date) Architizer. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).  

1392828308336Image_2.jpg   1392828339045Image_3.jpg.3    


Gow Hastings Architects:

The Gallery has revolving doors and the doors like when people push the circle revolving door. And people can walk into the building inside. It looks like when people walk into a maze, and people need to push the door or mirror to go inside to find and another way out. I am thinking to build a  revolving door with passway. For threshold, it is meant to create an obstacle on the road. I think revolving door it is easy to be an obstacle, but maybe it is playful for people to play with it. 

Valenzuela, K. (2014) Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery / Gow Hastings Architects, ArchDaily. ArchDaily. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).


 spirit-of-the-city-united-visual-artists-ado-mini-installation-brooklyn-new-york-design-week-2018_dezeen_2364_col_11.jpg   video-uva-matt-clark-spirit-of-the-city-ado-mini-brooklyn-new-york-art-installation-design-movie_dezeen_2364_col_15.jpg   video-uva-matt-clark-spirit-of-the-city-ado-mini-brooklyn-new-york-art-installation-design-movie_dezeen_2364_col_13.jpg.1 

Rotating Mirrors (2018)

United Visual Artists:

This installation is to let visitors walk between a series of nine-foot-high mirrored columns that rotate to offer to change reflections and refractions. It is like a mirror maze to make people walking around the space and disorientation in a way.  Like when people are walking in the city, and the road looks similar, it is more comfortable to let people lost the way. However, this installation also wants to reflect the sun glows let people feel the natural sunlight. Maybe I could use mirror maze into my idea that people can play with even think about the reflection. Perhaps the mirror reflects sunlight or shadow or people look like. 

Gibson, E. (2018) United Visual Artists fills A/D/O courtyard with rotating mirrors for Spirit of the City installation, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).




DenseCity secondary research

bruo-ole-scheeren-bangkok-thailand-tallest-building_dezeen_2364_col_7.jpg   bruo-ole-scheeren-bangkok-thailand-tallest-building_dezeen_2364_col_8.jpg

MahaNakhon (2016)

Ole Scheeren

Mahanakohn has a distinctive sculptural appearance feel like the building it is built by a lot of part wall together. The building looks like irregular shapes, like people life it is random. This building in the dense city also covers people who live inside life, but still let inhabitants revealing the inner life of their city.” However, it gave me feel this building is enclosed and protects architecture. This building also has an observation deck, and I thought it is to let people explore what this city has, and living spaces is. I am thinking maybe can use irregular shape to design, and the putting way can be random. 

Cilento, K. (2009) MahaNakhon / Ole Scheeren, OMA, ArchDaily. ArchDaily. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

Ravenscroft, T. (2018) Ole Scheeren completes pixelated MahaNakhon tower in Bangkok, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

coal-drops-yard-thomas-heatherwick-kings-cross-london-architecture_dezeen_2364_col_0.jpg   coal-drops-yard-thomas-heatherwick-kings-cross-london-architecture_dezeen_2364_hero-1024x576.jpg   coal-drops-yard-thomas-heatherwick-studio-kings-cross-architecture_dezeen_2364_col_3.jpg

Coal Drops Yard (2018)

Thomas Heatherwick:

Thomas Heatherwick had built a building it is called Coal Drops Yard, and in Kings Cross station, this is a shopping mall for people can walk around, and for this building, Thomas Heatherwick used aisle idea to connect two buildings. This research is giving me a big idea how to plan for my project because my project has one rule it is not touching the floor. When I saw this building, I am thinking how to design a passway in two buildings for the worker can pass though into two buildings, so they do not need to go down and walk a long way to another building. For this idea, I had walked around London and took some photos of buildings space, and understand more how to add valuable space in a dense city.

Ravenscroft, T. (2018) Heatherwick Studio joins two warehouses to form Coal Drops Yard, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

Castro, F. (2018) Coal Drops Yard / Heatherwick Studio, ArchDaily. ArchDaily. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).


kengo-kuma-odunpazari-modern-museum-omm-eskisehir-turkey_dezeen_2364_col_5.jpg  kengo-kuma-odunpazari-modern-museum-omm-eskisehir-turkey_dezeen_2364_col_6.jpg  kengo-kuma-odunpazari-modern-museum-omm-eskisehir-turkey_dezeen_2364_hero_8-1024x576.jpg

Odunpazari Modern Museum (2019)

Kengo Kuma and Associates:

The museum is made by a cluster of boxes and interlocking timber beams. For me, I thought this building it is like connect box. Cover what it is inside looks like, but still very catch people eye. Cover people walking way, but when people go inside, people can feel about the wood gives comfort and warmth to space and is kind to the environment. When I saw this building, I believe in the dense city, and people do not have a lot of space can use and space it looks like go into to be full. Therefore, I am planning to use stacked to design my work. The reason it is I found the buildings do not have to connect bridge, maybe develop a connecting bridge between in two buildings it is useful for people to use. 

Ravenscroft, T. (2019) Kengo Kuma's stacked-timber Odunpazari Modern Museum opens in Turkey, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

González, M. F. (2019) Odunpazari Modern Art Museum / Kengo Kuma & Associates, ArchDaily. ArchDaily. Available at: (Accessed: February 10, 2020).

Movement Secondary Research

arts and culture centre, Heatherwick 1.jpg   arts and culture centre, Heatherwick2.jpeg.1

Shanghai arts centre, Shanghai (2017)

Norman Robert Foster & Thomas Heatherwick:

For this building, they designed three floors and inspired by the open stages of traditional Chinese theatres, and they use the bronze tubes to create the curtain. Those tubes hung in three layers to be a semi-transparent screen in front of windows and balconies. They described those bronze tubes are going to be "a moving veil, which adapts to the changing use of the building, and reveals the stage on the balcony and views towards Pudong."(Norman Robert Foster & Thomas Heatherwick said.) Foster Partners description this building heart of mind idea is flexible arts and cultural centre. When I saw this building, I feel the curtain can moving it is very cool, and the building it is obvious to let visiter knew they use the Chinese style to build. The tubes can be moving anywhere like a private place and open place. When closed the curtain, the visitor can not see what happen inside the building, and open the curtain visiter can see what happen inside the building. Using the local's material to design that building, and the curtain any angle let everyone will see the different landscape in Shanghai. The tubes could hang in three floors hight it is challenging to do it. I want to use the private place and open place to design the idea about the project of "Movement."

Frearson, A. (2017) Foster and Heatherwick build Shanghai arts centre with curtain-like facade. Dezeen. Available at:

Home (2017). Available at: (Accessed: November 10, 2019).

Heatherwick Studio and Foster+Partners' Bund Finance Centre in Shanghai Photographed by Laurian Ghinitoiu (2017). Available at: (Accessed: November 10, 2019).

ballet mecanique, manuel herz.jpg  ballet mecanique, manuel herz1.jpg

Ballet Mécanique, Zurich Switzerland (2018)

Manuel Herz:

Manuel Herz design the house consists of louvres that can open up and transform into accessible balconies. This building structure provides shading, privacy space and outdoor space. The simple geometry of the structure can turn into moving balconies because of the metallic louvres open and be the balconies. When the louvres open the people can see the outside view, and the shading roof element into the balconies. Also, the louvres close it can let people have a private place. This building like a pavilion character, and the colourful metal panels and simple geometry. Manuel Herz used the blue and red colour to colourful balconies. "When standing on the balconies, the opened louvre embraces the people on the balconies, creating an exterior space that is nevertheless shielded and intimate," continued Herz. The louvres are moving change the shape of the building, from a monotone cuboid to a colourful interesting. When the louvre opens it let the building be more vivid, and people can feel the different building touch of colour. I want to use privacy and open place to design the public park. When people use the park, the park is 360 degrees open. And when people do not need to use the space, the park will be close up like the long cylinder. Therefore there will be more space to be used or put things. 

Stathaki, E. (2018) Ballet Mécanique by Manuel Herz is Zurich housing with a twist. Wallpaper*. Available at: (Accessed: November 11, 2019).

Ravenscroft, T. (2018) Ballet Mécanique apartment block has walls that unfold to form balconies and sunshades. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: November 11, 2019).

Ballet Mechanique / Manuel Herz Architects (2019). Available at: (Accessed: November 11, 2019).


Sharifi-ha House, Next office.gif Sharifi-ha House, Next office.jpg.1

Sharifi-ha House, Next office3.gif.1 

 Sharifi-ha House, Darrous Iran (2014)

Alireza Taghaboni:

This house can 90-degree turn in and out, and also lead the building can to become open or close.  Also can change the space in any direction. When I saw this building, it let me feel the turning boxes, it is useful and like a wardrobe. When people open the door and can see what it is inside, and close it, people won't know what it is inside. I am thinking use this system to plan a building can be movement and let people have more space can use it. Also, it won't wast a useful space. For using turning box this idea, it can make people feel about natural light and shadow. The uncertainty and flexibility are what I saw in this building because the putting way is random.  

Valenzuela, K. (2014) Sharifi-ha House / Next Office–Alireza Taghaboni, ArchDaily. ArchDaily. Available at: (Accessed: February 9, 2020).

Tebbutt, L. (2016) Rotating rooms give Sharifi-ha House a shape-shifting facade, Dezeen. Dezeen. Available at: (Accessed: February 9, 2020).

Ever-changing Sharifi-ha House by nextoffice (2015) Design Chronicle. Available at: (Accessed: February 9, 2020).