Part 2

Contextual Practice

2020/02/01 Synthesis (Plot)

Magis Clouds from Rädda Barnen webshop.jpeg    Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.jpeg  13 Ideas That Can Totally Change Your Backyard Decor And Landscape.jpeg.1   Giant beanbag.png  kakinoki.png

I should build what kind of building for people to have their own and friends relax place. When I saw the cloud, it makes me want to create around and half cover lounger. After I saw a lot of intensive circular balls, I think it can be my model shape. After I saw a girl lay on the sofa, I think people should have a sofa in their own space, so people can lay down or sit. Those pictures show people can have their own space, but it is transparent and the whole cover. Some areas are for more than two people to sit inside have a chat. This building is for people can relax their time with nature, or quietly sit down reading some books in the garden. Some people may be like alone relax in the garden, or other people lay on the sofa have a chat with their friends. 







2020/01/27 Synthesis (Plot)

I want to design a private space for people to relax in their own time. Therefore I developed like a treehouse thing to be my outcome idea. However, I think let will spend a lot of money and does not the same and fit what the customer demand. The house is too heavy, and the tree could not support. I am thinking to design a transparent circle building let people can one person stay in their own private space to chill. I am thinking to use plastic to make my model.

work19 2020/01/22

Heroes Presentation sheet

The hero:

Bo – Daa (Tree house)

Subject / discipline:


Most well-known for….

Design for sign person to live, let people have own space in their room. Designer also designed the public region let people can do the things together.

Nominated because….

Most people cannot pay expensive rent, or the apartments not allow animals in the house. à The designer designs each floor for dogs and cats. The designer has designed the working space combine with people room inside or people can work in common room. Because some people like to alone working and other people like to work with study room with people. This apartment designed a space for young sign person to live.

 Villains Presentation sheet

The villain:

Daniel Libeskind (Jewish Museum Berlin)

Subject / discipline:


Most well-known for…. 

Depression space

Desperate colour 


Nominated because….

This museum it is talking about 1941-1945 Jewish’s life.

Felt the depression space, hopelessness, desperate colour, escape, fear to be catch. The designer want people could experience Jewish feeling.


I mention the hero and villain in my class, but they are not in my project research. However, I like to study their work it is because Bo - Daa designed an apartments house with function. Bo- Daa knew what its residents want and need in their live. On the contrary, Daniel Libeskind designed a museum for visitors to experience Jewish life and feeling in world war II. It was too depressing building when people went inside. Daniel Libeskind used light and space let visitors felt depressed and oppressive, it is an excellent design building, and it can control people touched. These two designers influence me to want to think more deeply on what is the clients want and design more functional and useful things for people in the future.
I am planning to research and study Richard Rogers in the future because his building not only Avantgarde also humanism. He tried to create a people-oriented space. For example, The Centre Pompidou in France it is a creation, adventurous, and colourful. The designer exposed Pompidou's central skeleton be exposed, so people can have more space to do things or decrease some unusual space to people. He turned the architecture on its head. He changed things. For example, turned the inside of the building. He shows everything from the interior of the building. He changed the design process to experiment with new things. Therefore, he inspires me to find new roles, way of life, way of thinking, broke the role of ideas.

2020/01/16 Plot (outcome model)

First turning point: 

IMG_2809.JPG IMG_0952.JPG   IMG_7822.JPG 


Before I changed the model furnishing,  I planned to use the shape of the flower to build a building. Today I random to place the four acrylic sheets together. I felt like this is the first time turning point when something is wrong. When I am setting the cover to be a random space to let people sit, and the flower cover idea, I changed let flowers to be benches. The shape of flower I used clay to make it. The seat I try to use the iron line to weave out. I am not sure it will work out or not. However, I will try to make it out and try to broke the rules to alter rules. It totally changed what I planned before. 

2020/01/14 Plot (ideas develop)

Before I talked to a teacher, I have no idea to design the thing, because plan D it is too empty only have tree and flower and even do not have chair etc. When I see the Tom Hare Apple, the real tree can be an artwork but still alive and growing, so it gave me an idea make a fake tree artwork and look like a real tree or flower. Also, a gallery of Freya and Robin make me have an idea about seating nature-inspired. I am thinkings how to make a fake nature model for fusion of the garden because I do not want to destroy the atmosphere of the garden. I have thought about to design a chair like a flower it can open and close. Another idea is like a shape of the flower, make a cover to around people, and people can sit or lay down inside to chat or enjoy their free time with sunshine& sunshine. However, I do not have any ideas about what kind of material to do outcome model. I think maybe I can use a transparent sheet, spray paint, thin wood boards. 

2020/01/13 Plot (quick models)


IMG_0072.JPG   IMG_1492.JPG IMG_4169.JPG  IMG_5015.JPG 

I used the knitting wool to weave a pathway to be like a door. I was thinking maybe I could design a passway to let people walk and thinking use the wood to make it. 


IMG_0137.JPG  IMG_8808.JPG  IMG_1141.JPG  IMG_6982.JPG

I used the iron line and black iron line to  make it. I was planning to be a public art by using the branches. 


IMG_0574.JPG  IMG_1553.JPG  IMG_1613.JPG  IMG_4965.JPG 

Experiment the put way:

Do not have any idea to display out why want to do this.

But it look like could be a cover for people to pass way.  

Thresholds Outcome

IMG_2455.jpg    IMG_2439.jpg   IMG_2349.jpg

IMG_2333.jpg     IMG_2387.jpg  IMG_2354.jpg




 IMG_5386.jpg.1  ---> IMG_3323.jpg ---> IMG_2381.jpg

I used the 2mm acrylic sheets to hit and twist or curve. Before, I do not want to let cover have holes. I experiment to have a hole, and I felt it is better than before. It could let nature lights come in and make people not to feel this is a dark space. It is a dark and colour space. The cover is to look like a flower (open and close).  

Floor:  (Regional Model)

IMG_4960.jpg ---->  IMG_5691.jpg  ----->IMG_2486.jpg.4

I combine the regional model and outcome model. The walking way it is making by thick broken glass. The tree and people are helping set off the model.

22/12/2019 (Thresholds)

Idea changing:

             Flat               --------->        Stereoscopic 

IMG_8483.jpg  IMG_8002.jpg.1

I planned to design a flat mirror maze the mirror door can be a push, but when I see Harry Potter inside 4D moving stairs it. Make me want to create the space let can be stereoscopic also can whole to be the push and moving. To be 360-degree pushing.

 Structure, Reflection:

Abandoned Places.jpeg 

From bright place to the dark,dark, place to the bright.

The tiny light sports gradually enalrge to extend from channel in vision.


Refraction from above, inverting the ground to above. Like a mirror.

Espen Dietrichson.jpeg

From bright place to the dark,dark, place to the bright.

The tiny light sports gradually enalrge to extend from channel in vision.


Landscapes by Jason Anderson Blend Precise Pixelation and Hazy Abstraction.jpeg 

Light scattering

Landscape become overlapping of geometric colour blocks.

Thechaos of space, the kaleidoscope of vision.


Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you to your home screen_.jpeg.1 

Space chaos
Like "Harry Potter" inside moving stairs. No clear direction, like moving 4D maze.

Danish artist Jeppe Hein, Mirror Labyrnth at Kraus Residence, 2008.jpeg

Interactive reflection of mirrors.

From multiple pentrationspace, and there is refraction of light.



Access Denied.jpeg 

Reflections of water and light ripple.

Blow in the wind.

The floor can transparent the shadow, which is the pool reflections the light and water under people's feet.

Conheça algumas plantas que crescem quase sem água.jpeg     

Sense of sight:

Slowly adjust to light from the darkness.

The shimmer gradually exlarged in the people eyes.

Expand like a flower

Pantheon Diagram, Cross Section.jpeg   눈 Pantheon's oculus _ 네이버 블로그.jpeg   

Circle --> Cover

Engrey saving conncetion

cover space is only hole to become passage.

05/12/2019 (Thresholds)

Today, I talked with Yalin with my idea about Thresholds. He told me seven questions about I maybe could think about it. He said, Hyde Park, it is an excellent place to design, but it is huge people may lose the road. He said to build on rive it is cool, the location it is not clear. The reason it is park too big. Therefore I think I should pick a new site I knew very well. When Yalin said those feedback I think I need to build a thing it is connected with park, but Yailn said, playing a game it is a strong idea it is good can keep it. My teacher said, "my topic mirror maze can design a person space to play it maybe will let people have a losing road feel, and it will be cool."  However, I feel I need to think more clearly about my idea; also, I need to give a plan on how to build my idea out.

02/12/2019 (THRESHOLDS)

On Sunday, I went to Hyde Park to do the site research, and I took some photos. When I saw the Hyde Park small river, I decided to use Hyde Park to do Threshold project. The reason is I am planning to do a fun and interactive small building in Hyde Park's rive. Today, I saw people are playing the mirror and make me want to do a mirror maze building. I am thinking to create four routes let people can walk to the mirror maze centre and when walker walk into the maze people need to push the mirror to find out export, but people maybe will come out another export route. I think I may add some different things inside to set off different style out. 

mirror-maze-es-devlin-the-fifth-sense-art-design-exhibiton-installation_rushi_social.jpg   file.img.png


27/11/2019 (Dense City)

I had an experiment problem with the material. I used the black mirror card to make the corridor, however first I used hot melt glue gun to stick do not a success. I changed to use red paper to do it, also do not a success. Therefore I thought maybe hot melt glue gun wouldn't work of black mirror card. I changed to use double-sided tape to stick the black mirror card, and it is successful. However, when I glued one black mirror card line and I bent the black mirror card, the line fell. I found it sticks three black mirror card lines together and used hot melt glue gun it won't fall. When I am doing this, I felt stuck more black mirror card lines the curve showed like railway, and I made out what I want for this project. Before I am going to use the double-sided tape, I had tried UHU glue but did not work well.

WechatIMG56.jpeg  -->   WechatIMG57.jpeg

WechatIMG58.jpeg  -->  WechatIMG59.jpeg

WechatIMG62.jpeg.1 -->WechatIMG63.jpeg

IMG_9588.jpg  -->  IMG_8260.jpg

25/11/2019 (Dense City)

Today, my teammates with me thought about how to connect the topic Catenary and Dense City. We used the modroc, net and wood sticks to create the topic. Our idea thought wood sticks display the Dense City; wood sticks show the explosion space and drowning the people. The Catenary symbol people living place, net and modroc were the tool help to build. Therefore, we successfully connect the two topics. The idea was from the shipwreck. After, we tried a new way to display this artwork. We bend this artwork to look an isolated island because the city been over dense and people abandon this city to find a new place to live. Therefore, this city ruins site just because of people overused. This is how we connected Catenary and Dense City to be the two-storied. 

IMG_7958.jpeg  IMG_7970.jpeg  

IMG_7972.jpeg   WechatIMG655.jpeg

WechatIMG667.jpeg   IMG_9385.jpg






3DDA Worksheet 12 20/11/2019

My research about Dense City:
I had a project called Dense City, and I researched an architecture it is called Thomas Heatherwick. He had built a building it is called Coal Drops Yard, and in Kings Cross station, this is a shopping mall for people can walk around, and for this building, Thomas Heatherwick used aisle idea to connect two buildings. This research is giving me a big idea how to plan for my project because my project has one rule it is not touching the floor. I had a planned have I presented a passway in two buildings for the worker can pass though into two buildings, so they do not need to go down and walk a long way to another building. For this project, I walked around London and took some photos of buildings space, and understand more how to add valuable space in a dense city. For tested this project, I used the paper to do three quick models. After I checked the materials to see which one will be good because the materials it is important for people to use.

Which one art 'ism' you would revive:
I want to revive Renaissance; the reason was in that time there was an architect called "Filippo Brunelleschi." The reason was Brunelleschi has had a huge effect on the art and architecture of the Renaissance. He created out Renaissance architecture style it were symmetry, proportion, geometry and the regularity of parts. He also invented the creation of a linear perspective that completely changed the painting and was one of the characteristics of Renaissance art.


IMG_1701.jpg   IMG_5836.jpg   IMG_8516.jpg 

About collage:
I used the collage design people wearing style. I let woman worn man cloths and man worn woman clothes, and the background used the black and white photo. I feel it is a very successful process because let me have an idea of how to do my project Dense City. Because I do not know how to connect people and building. When I did this project, I am thinking about how to use different people wearing style to connect with black and white photo. Therefore, it can let me think about how to use building connections with people. I need to study what is that building do and what kind of worker work in there, so I am more understand how to build an aisle connect with people. It can let me have more ideas about how to develop my project.


18/11/2019 (movement)

Today, I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit an image for my Dense City project, and it is tough to learn. However, I had to learn how to change the colour and add two images to be one photo. For Dense City project, I picked the location it is in The Postal Museum the reason is there has a lot of historical buildings or things, and people are using every day it is essential. Therefore, I used the photoshop created three photos of old, light and crowd city site. For used the photoshop to do my project because London is a city which has a lot of old history things, a lot of light in the night, also it is an international city which has a lot of people come from different countries. However, I learned how to do Adobe InDesign it is using for my portfolio, but I do not start using it.  

2019-11-18 14.53.33.png DenseCity_collage_2.jpg


DenseCity_collage_3.jpg   densecity_collage_5.jpg

                 Light                                                                 Old

13/11/2019 (Movement)

In the morning, I took some photos of my artwork. I use the daily light and artificial light to photography, and I thought both lights are very great. The effect of these two light is very different, and the artificial light reflects effect it is what I want. Because when people stood on the park, the mirror card show out people body on the floor, just like a mirror. The daily light shows out people's shadow on the park, but do not show the mirror card advantage (reflect). Therefore, I like to use artificial light to photography "movement" project. Also, when I am using the artificial light to photography the park, the mirror card reflects the light on the wall, it is a lovely shadow to display out the reflect. 

IMG_1153 2.jpg    IMG_7083 2.jpg

                                  Daily Light 


IMG_8273 2.jpg    IMG_2147 2.jpg


                                  Artificial Light

11/11/2019 (Movement)

Today I created the final model, and the final model is a small public building in the park. I want to design a small building can let people walk around, chat together or sit down reading some book etc. When people do not need to use this space, and that space will be close up. Therefore when the building is close, near this building, areas will be bigger than before. People maybe can use that area to conduct activities, this is what I thought for my artwork, maybe when I do more things, and I will have more idea about how to introduce my artwork. I used paper and tracing paper to build the final model, and try to see it that what I want? I felt those two materials; it was what I want because they are close to my final idea. For the outcome model and I want to use the aluminium to do it, because I talked to the workshop tutor. He said the easy way to do your model it is using the aluminium, so I am thinking tomorrow morning go to workshop try to use aluminium it. For my paper and tracing paper, it was my first edition of the final model; therefore I think maybe tomorrow morning I go to workshop start doing my artwork, and I may do some change at the artwork. I think the aluminium will be the good one to do for my artwork. 


 IMG_6397.jpg.2    IMG_3593.jpg.1

                 paper                                              tracing paper 

Worksheet 10 06/11/2019

Luna and Joyce had given me a lot of feedback about my contextual review. Luna gives me feedback about which sentences or phrases will let the reader be confused. However, Luna said when she is reading the essay, Luna thinks it is good don't need to change, and presentation it is perfect too. Luna said my essay, some ideas are good. For example, the way that the writer creates a beginning sentence for each paragraph is constructive readers. The readers read the first few sentences, and they can know how a writer is going to show the reader what happens in the after. Also, the writer mentions the artist ideas and their artworks it is obvious. Joyce gives different feedback like I very clearly know the process of study has my useful references in my writing. Joyce said I could write about how can I face the trouble and how to deal with mistakes in my projects, so the reader can know I can deal with the problem and improve to be good or better. She also gives me a book "everything architects need to know every day", and it is beneficial like the book will be said what the thing the architects should do or use is. Joyce also said I need to talk about what mistake I made and how do I deal with my mistake, so the reader read the essay, and the reader can understand what I happen in my working process. I ask a lot of classmates every one said only one thing is not perfect in my writing; it is I do not talk about how did I deal about my mistakes how to change to right things. 

04/11/2019 (Movement)

1.jpg.1   2.jpg.1  3.jpg.1

   Stack:                             Turn:                                     Fold:

First, I read this brief; I did not understand what should I do. When I search the research, I started understood how can I find the photos to fit the movement. Today, I did three quick models and five ideas drawing. For the three quick models, I do not have any idea. When I am doing the models, I followed what my brain show. But I try to use fold, stack and turn to create the models. After, form the three models, I started drawing the five ideas. When I draw ideas, I do not know what kind of ideas I want to draw or show to people, but I draw more ideas out. I had more ideas to come out. However, I do not know my ideas are good or bad. Maybe after few days see those ideas, I may know how to improve. 

Contextual Review

Yayoi Kusama.jpg    James turrell 5.png    Skyspaces James turrell.jpg.1

Name of artist/designer:      Name of artist/designer:              Name of artist/designer:

Yayoi Kusama                      James Turrell                              James Turrell

Title of work:                       Title of work:                              Title of work:  

Fireflies on the Water           Roden Crater                              Skyspaces

Date: 2002                            Date: 2019                                  Date: 2013


IMG_0542.jpg     IMG_0866.jpg           IMG_1588.jpg           

       Illuminate                    Structure & Surface                         Extension

A Designer Way of Thinking:

In these months, I learned how to do research and tried materials to see which ones are better to use. However, in the beginning, it was challenging for me to combine research and studio practise because I did not understand what I should do for my projects. Therefore, I did not know which research could support my idea. Sometimes in class, I talked with classmates and tutors about my plans, and they gave me a lot of opinions. During feedback, it helped me to improve my research and ideas. I am still trying to integrate the most appropriate research to develop my work. The foundation aims to find out what I want to study and what department I would like or what topic I enjoy more. However, before I came to the foundation, I had already chosen to study architecture. Therefore, I want to evaluate my skills and think more deeply about studying architecture.


My work has begun to show connections I have made between my primary and secondary research and the visuals in my sketchbook. For example, in the part 2 Movement project, I began by taking photographs of keywords, before searching for architects who have used the same keywords in their work. For example, Alireza Taghaboni used the concept turn to create a rotating building. This encouraged me to develop a prototype model to experiment with this movement. In comparison to my earlier work, there is now a strong visual connection between all aspects of my research. For the Illuminate project, I used wood as my main material but chose not to use this workshop. Therefore, I tried to make the model by hand, and this attempt proved successful. For the structure & surface project, I used the workshop to do. I learned how to communicate with the workshop tutors what materials I can use for my artwork. Therefore, I knew how to use the workshop, and it was successful in building what I want. For the extension project, I tried did all steps by myself and after ask tutors and classmates how they thought and improved my idea. The reason is before two projects, I do not know how to do, and this project I needed to try how to build outcome by myself. In those projects, I learned how to dig my thoughts from the bottom of my brain. Turn the ideas to words or draw into my artworks and sketchbook.


The extension project was expanded from illuminate. The extension project was the first project I tried to build architecture because the previous two projects only constructed the structure, and I wanted to familiar with the structure and space first. Therefore, illuminate project aim made an open space model, and structure & surface project purpose created a close space model to let visitors can feel and see two spaces difference. For this project, I needed to think about how to show the model could realistically become a building in my sketchbook. Also thinking about the building function from people to use and how big this is size, so visitors can know how many floors from this museum. When I am making the model, my role was the designer and visitor for rethink the project and to see where I should add or exclude. When I stood at the designer way, I am thinking about how to improve my artwork. Sometimes I stood at the visitor side, and I will think of what this designer making or what information or knowledge designer want visitors to get from the artwork or building is. 

When I started the course, I do not change my plan, and I still want to study architecture. In future, I am planning to search for more architect and artist works to develop more ideas. For example, James Turrell is an artist good at space and light, and Yayoi Kusama’s (2002) exhibition entitled "Fireflies on the Water" used light, black room, and mirror to create her artwork. These two artists’ works I used in my Illuminate project to create out my artwork. In the future, when I am developing new projects, I want to find the materials which can bend. However, it won't be easy to break, because Taiwan is a country that always has a lot of earthquakes. Also, for the research, I am looking the space, structure, and natural or artificial light, because I think space and light it is essential for building. When people visit the building, I want the area can make people had a lot of illusion, building space it is small but remove some things unnecessarily, so people can feel the biggest in the space. I am planning to use different colour light to let people had a different feeling about the area. Next project, I am going to use google map to inspect the place I am going to design, and that helps me thinking more ideas to plan the site.

 Works Cited:

Kusama, Y., Tatehata, A., Kultermann, U. and Taft, C., 2017. Yayoi Kusama. 1st ed. London ; New York: Phaidon Press.

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Govan, M., Bernardini, A., Irwin, R. and Turrell, J., 2014. Robert Irwin, James Turrell : Villa Panza. 1st ed. Italy: Varese. 

Synthesis Outcome

IMG_3207.jpg  IMG_3219.JPG  IMG_3221.JPG

IMG_3222.JPG   IMG_3223.JPG  IMG_3224.JPG




2020/01/30 Synthesis (Plot)

IMG_0715.JPG   Hot Glue Gun(diacel acetate)  

IMG_8152.JPG  ----> IMG_6117.JPG 

Super glue (diacel acetate & vacuum forming plastic clear 0.4 mm)  

The experiment of material, I used the hot glue gun to sticky on diacel acetate. However, it will display out the colour. It showed very ugly and had the trace; therefore, I am trying to use super glue to see how is the effect. Super glue effect it is perfect, better than using hot glue gun sticky very strong, it won't fall or spread out. Also, it won't show the colour out and dry very fast. It is success to display what I think for my model look like after I tried vacuum forming plastic clear 0.4 mm, the super glue also success it. However, the vacuum forming plastic clear 0.4 mm was a little bit thick than diacel acetate. I picked the vacuum forming plastic clear 0.4 mm to do my outcome model and the surface it is clear, so after maybe i can try to spray paint on diacel acetate. 

2020/01/28 Synthesis (Plot)

Wood it is simple to symbol nature, but maybe not easy to make in the real world. The wood is an expensive material for the garden. I am thinking garden not only for public space for people maybe some people need their own space to enjoy their free time. However, I am considering making a recliner hanging on trees, possibly will be suited for people to sit inside. However, I think people weight is too heavy the tree maybe will fracture. Therefore, I am thinking of maybe building a lot of circle space on the floor and stacked it together. Have a lot of space to let people sit inside, and the material I am planning to use plastic to make it.

2020/01/23 Synthesis (Plot)

Can human and nature get along well? Nature around human life and or human around nature? I am thinking people often meet, see, sit down have a chat together, but I believe people need private space relax their own time or thinking the things. I am thinking how to let people have private space also can let people contact and touch the natural things or maybe say it is to let people around the nature things. For me I thought garden it is a relaxing place to let people touch, contact, natural  things for rest, relax, soul, and vent. When a designer said ‘"Maybe people loves natural in their heart?", the space or house pretty place it is when people stay along with natural in their own time and the natural will display out the looming. What is nature, what kind of things create out what people think about natural? Are tree, flower, wind, light, water those things?  What is nature and what is people think about nature in people life or mind? What kind of nature people will want to live in or fit for people to live way? 

2020/01/20 Plot (Outcome)

IMG_4240.JPG  IMG_8870.JPG  


In Plot project, I planned to make a place for people can enjoy plant and sunlight like a kiosk. Plot brief is to create a space for visitors can fusion with natural and sunshine. Outcome model acrylic sheets I did not spray paint colour on, the reason was when people sit inside can look at and tree, flower and garden. In the middle, I put a clay flower in there, and used iron lines made branches. Flower and branches connected to be longboards for people to sit.  The acrylic sheets idea from distorted.


improvement: Feedback
Add the size, let people can know how big it.
Add the district planning, let reader can know where it is.
Add the things can let people lay on the floor to relax.
Let flower to be lamp, in the night can glow.
The cover can put on the wall to see the different or let cover to be a wall.

3DDA Worksheet wk 18 15/01/20

IMG_2853.JPG Presentation week 18.jpg

Analysing the Presentation

Memphis Design, Ettore Sottsass draft it is very quickly let audiences know what is going to do, and his quick drawings it is clear to read. Also, simple drawings display his plan and idea out; simple things and simple to understand. Drawing the draft it can be the story to show people what is happening in the next.

Evaluative Mind-map

For this draft sheet, it is successful about annotations easy to catch attention, show different angles to let people see the unusual, and this paper is clear and neat to read. However, this paper also has improved points; it is organised in columns to display, overcrowded, in this paper, essential sketches can draw bigger, add some colours in sketches. Also, add steps of using the product to let people understand how to make this, and add pictures of research to show readers where is your idea from.

Advice and Reflection

My portfolio feedback from my groupmates, they said my portfolio has an easy reading route; they can easily follow the page and understand my project idea. I have good research to support my idea and put the materials it is good to show readers what kind of materials I have used, and the process it is good to let people understand what did I do for my outcome. The page paper it is clear to read, it won't mess. The improved parts are more drawing show reader my idea drawing how did I change my idea. Outcome photo should be one big colourful, and other images can be black and white, it is to show the readers the important one and catch the attention. However, the research photos are too much maybe can pick some useful to put on the portfolio. Display the useful and have supported the idea research photo can bigger than other pictures.

2020/01/15 Plot

 IMG_4499.JPG ----->  IMG_5471.JPG ----->  IMG_7131.JPG

For the outcome model, I am planning to use the acrylic board to make a cover for the building. The cover idea is from the shape of a flower (open and close) because I think the location is at  Chelsea physic garden. Therefore, I want to make a building relate to nature, but this garden is artificial breeding and make me want to plan a fake natural building. It means the building is not going to use real natural tree, flower things to build for this building. I am planning to use the colour to paint the cover,  let cover look like using natural materials for manufacturing. For the colour, I am planning to use spray paint. 

2019/12/29 Thresholds


 IMG_2486.jpg.3 ----> IMG_2296.jpg.3 ----> IMG_2310.jpg.4 ----> IMG_2428.jpg.4

3DDA Worksheet wk 17 08/01/20

For the Chelsea Physic Garden project, I was planning to do an open space for people to sit inside to chat or enjoy their free time with nature. I have considered the UK climate; therefore, I planned to do a cover gazebo without any colour on it. For people can enjoy the weather and natural look like, but I think I should sustainable changed the idea maybe it will have a good idea. For designer wants to sustainable practice the most important vital themes, perhaps it is standing in people way to think about what they demand in their life or place. Why people want to design things or buildings, I thought it is simple things that can support people life can be convenience and evolution. Support or helping people life can be easily it is designers main idea. Designers need to stand in users or clients way to think, and maybe I should think more what is the Chelsea Physic Garden need in there. Do they need chairs in the garden? I think when I start to design for Chelsea Physic Garden, I should think about three priorities. I list out, do not break original decorate, think about which area can add inside, and what is the client want and demand. When I am researching Chelsea Physic Garden, I found this garden it is empty except plants. Therefore, back to the begin what I said, I consider may create a space for people to relax with nature in this garden. 

2019/12/23 (Thresholds)

IMG_0293.jpg.1 IMG_6664.jpg



IMG_8548.jpg   ------------>   IMG_4176.jpg  

Before I want to make the center is empty, after I feel to do a entity to let people can easy to pass the way.  

IMG_1114.jpg  ----------->   IMG_2960.jpg  

To let people be easy and safe to stand in the space. 


I found a park has a small river it is in Kensington Gardens. It won't like  Hyde Park that big, will let people lost the way. Kensington Gardens inside the river it is called Round Pond, I am planning to build my model in here. In here only have trees and chairs, did not like Hyde Park has a lot of building; also Kensington Palace it is near here. I think when people finished visited Kensington Palace, people may go inside Kensington Gardens to take a walk and people can play a small maze with their friends or family. To let people feel parks or gardens not only walk around or running and riding a bike. I am thinking about what kind of materials it can be perfect for displaying out my idea. 

2019-12-07 17.45.40.jpg  2019-12-07 17.47.29.png.1  2019-12-07 18.39.40.png

03/12/2019 (Thersholds)

I went outside to do the site survey in the Archway area. The important location is in St John's Grove and Holloway Road, and surrounding of the site have houses, residential, primary school and Nursery, church, shops, and bus station. The shops it is site boundaries, and I  found out residential zone do not have a parking lot, the car only parking at the road,  but the only tall building has a parking lot. For St John's Grove natural features it is a long road with a lot of trees, but Holloway Road it is very different, only see the human-made features with a lot of house buildings, a lot of shops, and the school also have a lot of stations. However, I felt St John's Grove do not have a lot of people walking, but at Holloway Road many people are buying stuffs and waiting for bus station or chat while walking. I also felt St John's Grove it is quite a road only students are playing game sound, but in HollowaoRoad it is a lively road has a lot of different noise sound. I think this area is full, and nothings can add in here. Because that area is schools and residential, so for me currently, the facility does not need to add things. 


28/11/2019 (Dense City)

For Dense City, I picked a place it is in The Postal Museum area. For this project my idea from the spiral staircase, a book "500 tables" inside one table, and railway road. Because I planned to make a corridor to connect two buildings, the reason it is for people can easily passway the two buildings. Or else people need to take the elevator go down and walk to another building. Why not just building a passway for workers can be easy to passway in two buildings. The two buildings are The Postal Museum and Mail Rail at The Postal Museum for the exterior of the corridor I  used the railway because this is a symbol for people can easily to recognize about those two building are The Postal Museum and Mail Rail at The Postal Museum. However, I am thinking in real life, and I want to use transparent plastic to building this project because transparent plastic can effectively penetrate the sunlight. Therefore people can feel about the natural light with the corridor. 

IMG_0681.jpg    IMG_6787.jpg


IMG_9879.jpg   IMG_8985.jpg

Adrien Rutigliano Segal, Tidal Satum Tables.jpg.2   IMG_7343.jpg.1

Sensational customized model train layouts ideas Register for our webinar.jpeg


3DDA Worksheet wk 13 27/11/19

272B7113-1E2A-4B5B-B69E-609E9FB52AC8.JPG   WechatIMG60.jpeg    F0401DEC-7D87-4108-8659-70C40CA20850.JPG   

Our team planned six possible futures ideas. Utopia ideas Green environmental (future) 2050, spaceship living 2200, Bionic humans 2030. Dystopia ideas about nuclear fallout 2020, enslaved by robots 3000, and dehumidification 3010. Our team designed those futures ideas wanted to fix people living issues because we are all architect and product designer. When we developed future scenarios, we felt the time it is changing speedy and people living way also evolving very fast. Therefore, the designers need to design future planned and designer can have more time to change and modify the idea. We also have developed a future scenario the flying cars 2030, because we think people have designed aircraft and helicopter. Maybe it is time to plan flying cars in future for people to use it and our team thought this is utopia idea. When we are dealing with those things, we were interested in designing ideas about helping people to get new living ways to be more comfortable and convenient. When we are creating the items, we thought a lot of people are carrying the phone with them at any time.
Therefore, we design a broking iPhone, like black technology. The idea is from the TV show "Black Mirror". The purpose is people control by AI phone, and smart phones can control user mind to do anything, this is a dystopia. People thinking maybe like to change by using smartphones. When our team are doing the draft, we designed to break the iPhone shape looking like a destructive. Let user look like they are using black technology thing. Our main idea is to remind people do not too often use smartphones, spend more time with people because now a lot of people are always playing phone even do not want to talk with people. Just like smartphones control human thinking way and their mind, and look like people do not want to leave their smartphones.

26/11/2019 (Dense City)

I used red lines to display the place where I want to put at The Postal Museum because my quick model was too big. Therefore, I used the red lines to show the site and people can be understood. For the final model, I am using the black mirror card, cardboard, red paper, and foam board to make. Cardboard is displaying the building, red paper is showing the window, the base is foam board, and black mirror card is going to be the two buildings connect aisle. However, I am thinking in the dense city use the corridor to connect two buildings it is accord the big city add new space for people to use.  

IMG_5211.jpg.1 -->  IMG_0516.jpg 

 IMG_7426.jpg     IMG_8439.jpg


21/11/2019 (Dense City)

I used earth map to investigate The Postal Museum region, and I planned on how to change the place look more simple. I saw that place has a postal museum, railway museum and postal office, and I should expect a comfortable area to let people use it. I draw the area down and stick the important zone. Therefore, I remove some space it not essential and draw the length on the paper to help me more understand my site better. I used the styrofoam board and carton board to build The Postal Museum region. Styrofoam board was the building and carton board was the floor. That showed me how I could connect those building by using the railway idea to do it. That made me have more idea of how to build my outcome, but I still have problem with my material. I do not know which one it is best to develop my artwork. 

IMG_8370.jpg -->  IMG_8898.jpg    --> IMG_1980.jpg     

 --> IMG_9223.jpeg  -->  IMG_9231.jpeg  -->  IMG_9230.jpeg


19/11/2019 (Movement)

I created three models for my project; I am thinking about how to connect with the postal museum and railway together. I tried to use three models put in the two buildings to connect road in the aerial, because when I saw the Mail Rail at The Postal Museum and The Postal Museum and I wanted to use railway shape to support my main idea. For those three models, I turned every model every side to see which side is fit for the two buildings to connect road. Tomorrow, I am planning to draw some ideas to develop the project. Therefore to find out my outcome model shape, also I am going to try the materials look which one it fitter; but I am thinking use white, black paper and wood sticks to do.   

IMG_1513.jpg   ----->   IMG_3854.jpg      


IMG_5848.jpg   ------>   IMG_5211.jpg  ------>  



Worksheet 11 13/11/2019

3DDA Worksheet 11 13/11/19
For Movement project, the user is for people who like sports. It can let people play bikes and skateboard in here. This project I designed a park for people to use, also people can walk in here to take a walk or sit down for a chat. To let people can see sunshine and people shadow reflection. For this park, I found out one issue, it is I do not design space can enable people with reduced mobility to use. Therefore, I need to add space for people with reduced mobility to use. I also found out this issue about for at least five years old kid to use this park it is too dangerous, because when people are riding bikes maybe will hit the kids. Therefore I am planning in the future to add some small spaces for people with reduced mobility and children under five years old can use. For people with reduced mobility, I will change the angle to let people can be easy to use and add the new things can enable kids to play in there; also I will plan to do a flat park for them to play. For this project, "Turn" and "Spin" were my primary research to give me the idea. Secondary research I used "turn" and "fold" to research the buildings. For the next project, I am planning to build a building for workers to use it. They are the next specific group I am going to design.   


14/11/2019 (Movement)

Today, my classmates gave me some feedback. They said my research it is good, but I can draw more model sketch to see the development. I should show out the location for my model; also, I should try the model to put ways to see which one put the way it is better. When I show the reader the sketchbook, they saw my sketch and ask me why you change and other new one topic for this time "movement" project because they do not understand why I want to change the new topic. However, they told me the research it is a lot of but when I did the model develop they said in here I could add the research to show the reader how I develop its idea. Tomorrow I will new summary into the sketchbook. 

12/11/2019 (Movement)

Today, I finished the outcome model, but I do not use the aluminium to use on my artwork. Because today I talk to my tutors, they saw I used the mirror card try to be the experiment material, and they thought mirror card it is better than aluminium. The reason is the mirror card it can reflect things like a tree, people, sky, and light etc. When I start to do the final model, I try to think is the mirror card should be inside or outside. When I try to put the mirror card in out to reflect the everything, I felt put in outside it can let people saw their body or face is reflection and tutors thought it is a good idea. When I finished the final model without any detail, and I asked tutors how can I do the close part for my artwork; because my project it is movement. However, my tutors told me. I do not need to do the close part of my project, and the reason is the "movement" project brief do not mean the building or space can be move. People walking on the park, also it is meet the requirements of the "movement" project. Therefore, today, I add the detail things in the park. Also, today classmates talk with me I should burn the mirror card, and the mirror card have burnt trace. However, I try it, but I do not like; the reason is I more like the mirror card reflection. Tomorrow I want to add more detail things into the park, to see what it is suitable for my project.


IMG_1126.jpg.1  IMG_0466.jpg.1  

IMG_2346.jpg.1  IMG_6885.jpg

07/11/2019 (Movement)

Today I learn how to do design sheets, but I do not do very well. The design sheets theme is about the "Movement". I shared with my classmate my design sheets, and they said the good things I did is I have put the secondary research inside. Therefore the reader can know where is my idea come from. Also have drawn my opinion inside, to show people what I want to do, and I add the mind map to let the reader know what I think about for the word. Write what I think about secondary research feeling. They said I forget to put the people on the building, so the reader can know how big for the building. They said I also need to say what is the function of this building. But I do not have the final idea to do outcome for this project, so I do not know how to write the features for the building. 

05/11/2019 (Movement)

IMG_2882.jpg   IMG_3573.jpg

The "Movement" is not only for building; space, thing, and material can be "Movement" too. The thing can move; it is the "Movement." However, building and space don't need to move. For example, people walking it is moving, so if the structure and space be to let people feel about there are moving and building, space or illusion the stairs is up, but it is going down, and this is what I think of "Movement" project. Today I am thinking about what kind of idea it is aiming at this project. For the designs, my plans are the building's stairs or spaces are moving, and people can feel about the building it is moving. Therefore people can feel about illusion space or using the illusion space to let people think that they are going upstairs, but actually, it is going downstairs. Moving the space so that space can be biggest, and when you move other spaces, space can be smallest. However, I am confused with my ideas, so I am planning to do some small models to see which one is better.